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2020 Cart - Unlimited Cart Pass - Only Sold as Add on to other Passes.

Price reflects a discount for no golf in April and Mon-Fri 9 holes only golf in May.

Unmited Cart Pass May Only Be Purchased as an additional item to a regular pass program.  The cart will have the same unlimited or limited use as the golf pass purchsed. Example: If a person has a Weekday Only Golf Pass their Golf Cart Pass is limited to Weekdays Only as well.

Note: Application for resident fees will not be accepted without proof of residency. All season passes except for corporate pass types are non-transferable and subject to regulations of the Deerfield Park District. This privilege may be revoked without refund for violation of rules & regulations. Applications with false information will be cause for revocation of privilege without any refund. Limited tickets are sold to players under the agreement that they are good only during the golf season for which they were purchased. Limited tickets are not transferable and must be used by the purchaser only.
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